'work hard, rosé harder' download

work hard, rosé harder download by coloregraceMay flowers are beginning to bloom; spring is showing off. When the weather starts to warm up and flowers are all blooming bright, it seems like every end of the work day should include a glass at happy hour and a patio to enjoy the view. It seems like every week brings a new deadline, with a seemingly unending list of tasks to complete for each one. I naturally put a lot of pressure on myself to work as much as I physically, and mentally, can. I have been working very long days, several days of the week, and it's time to force myself to take a moment to appreciate myself for the hard work.

After working hard all week, a glass of rosé sounds like the perfect lovely treat for winding down and celebrating all of the hard work accomplished.

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work hard, rosé harder download by coloregrace


'be still' download

coloregrace - a little extra grace- be still desktop downloadLately, I’ve been really tired. I’ve been jumping from one project to the next, exhausting myself, and never taking a break from working. While all of these projects bring me joy, the fewer hours of sleep and rest bring me to exhaustion tears and admittedly less interesting work. I finally accepted that I couldn’t keep working the same way I have been. I needed to ‘be still’. Resting doesn’t necessarily mean sleep to me; it means giving myself time to quiet my mind and not stress about any deadlines or projects or actions I should take. If you’re feeling a little scattered and exhausted like I have been, I hope you can be honest with yourself and seek the rest you need.

Today on Jojotastic I’m not only sharing this month’s desktop download ‘be still’, but a few of my favorite ways to rest too.

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'give more love' download

jojotastic-a-little-extra-grace-give-more-love February brings a great sense of love. For two weeks (likely three to four for retail), we prepare ourselves to vomit a stream of love to the special someone in our life, or worse we’re reminded that we are alone. Chocolates, flowers, and decorations are bought; reservations and dates are planned to Instagram perfection. But this isn’t what love looks like. Valentine’s Day should be less about the one love in your life and more about the love you have for everyone.

Try to ‘give more love’ each day. Maybe by giving extra love throughout all of your days you will inspire more people to give more love too.

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'simply start' download

colore grace letters - simply start download We are all looking forward to an exciting, fresh year with endless possibilities, which can be a little scary. I encourage you to let go of the fear of the unknown and be motivated for whatever comes your way. Often, when we reflect on our personal behaviors we are filled with shame for the ways we’ve acted in the past. For me, this shame resulted in making a way-to-long list of next-year “goals” I could never complete. The list was overwhelming, which paralyzed me to make little-to-no progress. Follow the wise words from Thomas Jefferson, “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

To do this, we must simply start.

To find out how I “start”, please read more at Jojotastic and download this wallpaper I made to encourage you.


colore grace letters- simply start download

'focus on joy' download

JOY for jojotastic (Today's full length post can be found at jojotastic.com!)

We can all agree; each year the holiday season seems to arrive a little quicker. Before we’re prepared, we are caught up in the chaos of holiday parties, family get-togethers, traditions, shopping, decorating, cuddling to watch all of the Christmas movies we own, wrapping presents, baking, and singing our favorite holiday tunes loud and proud. The busyness of these few weeks can overwhelmingly rob us of the joy we can feel during the holidays - the time we are supposed to be fulfilled with humble gratitude for many aspects of our lives.

I believe Brene Brown stated it best in her book Daring Greatly, “Joy is an invitation to practice gratitude, to acknowledge how truly grateful we are for the person, the beauty, the connection, or simply the moment before us.”

I’d like to empower you to join me in making the choice to accept that invitation of joy instead of resisting it. We are presented with many opportunities to dwell in our joy each day. Although our joy is not constant, I want us to all strive to be grateful for what we have- celebrate it, never apologize for it, and share your gratitude.

As a simple reminder, I created this iPhone and desktop wallpaper to remind us to focus on our joys each day no matter what they are.  To download these wallpapers please visit Jojotastic and find my new column here

May your holiday season be filled with joy.

'Thankful' download

thankful for jojotastic It's not even November or Thanksgiving yet, and I already have a lot of thankfulness in my heart. My life has radically changed for the better within the last year and I couldn't be happier! I wanted an extra little reminder of my every day thankfulness, so I made a few new wallpapers!

To view my full length post and download the "thankful" wallpapers (available for iPhone, iPad, and desktop), please visit Jojotastic! Joanna is a designer and writes about her style, interior design, DIY, and much more. I feel so lucky to have written this guest post for her. Yet another reason why I feel thankful!

Pumpkin Print for your iPhone

Pumpkin Instagram-4422 October 1st is always a day for me to celebrate; it's the beginning of my favorite month. No, not the month of my birthday or Christmas. For whatever reason I've always loved October. The crisp change of season, the opportunity to wear scarves again (although I'm not doing much scarf wearing here in Austin, Texas), pumpkins everywhere, and of course my family's favorite holiday, Halloween.

However, this October 1st felt different. I was sitting at my desk desperate to show my excitement, and I couldn't come up with anything. I was still struggling to come back from my little blog hiatus. I felt stuck in my lack of passion and motivation, and afraid of my overwhelming to-do list. I had just taken many classes during Alt for Everyone, which I'll be fully reviewing on Wednesday. My head was spinning with inspiration, new tricks, and motivation for improving my blog. Why was it so hard to find an idea to celebrate this day I loved?

I was piddling around at my desk by shuffling scrap paper and old notes to new places. I flipped open my planner to review the upcoming month and started to draw a little pumpkin in the October 31st square, like I do most years. I reached for one of my various mugs full of markers to grab my pumpkin-yellow Copic marker to color the doodle in. Next, I saw a blank space on one of the papers I had been shuffling around and drew a few more pumpkins, this time in a few funny shapes and sizes. I took out a blank sheet of paper to keep playing around with the shapes until I realized I had unintentionally made a pumpkin print.

TA-DA I celebrated October 1st!

Tickled with how happy these silly little pumpkins made me, I decided to post them onto Instagram. I was even more delighted to get a request to make them into an iPhone wallpaper for a dear friend. Today, I'd like to share it with everyone else who loves October and pumpkins!


I've recently switched up my commute to work by listening to podcasts instead of my typical music. Based on a few recommendations, I've started listening to The Lively Show by Jessica Lively. She features individuals who share how they've grown to do what they love with the goal of adding extra intention to every day life. I've listened to so many great episodes so far and I can't wait to continue getting caught up. Saturday on my commute home from work I listened to the episode featuring Dana Shultz of The Minimalist Baker who said something I connected to,

"Do the things that you really love even if you feel silly doing them."

When I was younger I felt silly for playing with markers, pens, and sketchbooks because I wasn't an art student. Now, I'm proud to spend my time with Copics and Hi-Tec-C's in one of my many sketchbooks because it is what I love.