Hello! I'm Colore Grace.

(My name is pronounced like the word 'color'.)

I live in Austin, TX with my boyfriend Bruce (when I write about him, I write his nickname 'B'). We moved to Austin together the summer of 2014, about one month after I graduated from college. I grew up in Oklahoma City, and graduated with a Journalism degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. 

Writing became a passion when I was taught how to journal in first grade. I started blogging on and off during my freshman year of college. Even though my blog's message has changed many times, it's still my favorite place to share what I create.

In my real life, I'm learning how essentialism works in my home, my closet, and my energy. B and I are learning to cook new things, mainly paleo recipes. This year I'm making an effort to read more often, and binge-watch less. I'm exercising on a spin bike everyday to build my strength, and I hope to start cycling in the fall. I also enjoy: nerdy podcast, Apple products, developing my personal style, traveling, art museums, drinking coffee, greeting cards (aka I'm in the snail-mail fan club), occasionally doing hand-lettering, and eating burgers.

I love to post photos on Instagram, and occasionally silly videos on Snapchat.                         I'm @coloregrace on both!