Today is my tenth consecutive day of blogging!

Last week, I wrote about why I decided to start daily blogging. I've been inspired to start creating daily, but my fear was keeping me from doing the work, let alone sharing my work. Finally, I felt empowered to set my own perfectionist expectations aside and just start going. Last Wednesday, I realized my 25th birthday was roughly 100 days away. So, I decided to challenge myself to blog for 100 consecutive days leading up to my birthday.

At first, I wanted to build my writing habit to prove to myself I could stick to my own challenge. I held off on making an announcement on social media because I wanted to focus on working consistently before promoting my vulnerability. Now, I'm gaining a little more confidence in my work and I'd like to share my writing with you.

My goal is to write and post every day, even Saturday's and Sunday's. I am aiming to publish every morning at 8 am CT. I intend to remain focused on writing, so I will not be promoting every post on my various social media accounts, but I'd like to invite you to visit my blog as you would like.

I'm excited about this writing project, but more excited to share what I make with you. 10 blog posts published, 90 to go!

(Day 85)