140 characters of you

A social media bio is typically crafted by the users nouns. This could describe their job, passion, side-project, relationship to others, or where they live. It's not difficult to find your own nouns when tasked to fill in your 140 character bio, but do these few words really say enough to encompass your whole life? Do you need more words to fill the space? Are you short on characters? Would you like your words to change? Would you add a word that excites you even though you're not fully confident about it yet? Could you delete a word that isn't reflective of who you are anymore? How would your #1 supporter and best friend write your bio? Would he be kinder and more optimistic about who you are?

There are infinite variations on what make up these bios. Ultimately, you are the only person who can define you and decide how to best represent you. The beauty is that no one is you but you, so make those characters count for you.

(Day 59)