27 hours

I spent a lot of time this weekend reading, and thinking about my work here and how centering it is for me. This project shined a light on how I choosing to use my time and energy.

When I remove the hours in my week assigned to work including commute time, sleep, eatting, going to the gym, I counted approximately 27 hours remaining of 'free time', most of which is on the weekend. Now, this time is more precious because I have things I want to accomplish, whether it's reading, writing, editing, or thinking. It's easier for me to make the decision to not watch another episode or passively check social media, because I know choosing more meaningful activities over these will help me make progress.

I'm slowly learning how to do my best work, and be my best self, and that includes making the best decision, with the time I have. I need to do what is essential to keep making these small daily wins.

(Day 61)