Work harder. Do more.

Casey Neistat often gives the same motivation to "Work harder. Do more."

I started binge-watching (borderline obsessing over) his vlogs in December when I was in a creative rut. His work ethic and relentless need to be creative and improve his work inspires many. Ultimately, he is one of the reasons why I (finally) pushed myself to start daily writing. His work is my greatest example that dedicating yourself to daily creation will improve your work and build your audience. 

I'm just past my halfway point for my 100 days of writing. I've been thinking more about how I can improve, which brings me back to those four Casey words above.

How can I 'work harder'?

I will work harder to draft and edit every day, so I can publish by 8 am the next day. I want my post to be published consistently and I'm still missing this mark. I can work harder to make sure I'm ready. I either need to be sure the work is done the day before, or I need to start waking up early to edit and publish before work. I'll start with the former.

I want to work harder to make the message meaningful everyday too. I know some days will still fall to the "good enough" category, but I can still aim to do better work. I think preparing the day before will help with this.

How can I 'do more'?

I want to do more with the topics I'm already writing about. There is still so much to unravel about essentialism and my belief that kindness can cure all. I also want to push myself to explore new topics, or maybe some more vulnerable topics, too. 

I can do more to promote my work. Promoting is really uncomfortable for me, but I know it is necessary for having people see my work regularly.

This might work. 

(Day 44)