Champion yourself

'Individuality' has been stuck in my head the past two days because I've been struggling with it. 

The cliche, "everyone is special" was taught to me in grade school, and my parents always encourage me to "be myself." As an adult, I find it difficult to be myself some days. It sounds ridiculous, because I can't suddenly change into another person, but, since graduating, I have felt like society expects me to be more like every one else in many ways. 

The notion that I'm not successful by certain societal measures, even though I'm happy, feels the most unnatural to me. I know my happiness and wellness are most important. But, in weak moments, I compare myself to others. I think about how they arrived at where they are, their career paths, and how they may measure success. I wonder how I can be more like them. It causes me to think something is wrong with me because my path and success measuring tape seem so different. I shame-spiral and mantically try to think my way to a solution. When I'm a puddle of negative emotions, I'll eventually realize I'm mostly happy with how I am now and I don't need to be like them. My path is unique to me, and I can find success in it how I please. Right now, I'm defining my success by writing and spinning every day and being lucky to love B. These are the things making me the happiest.  

The truth is that I want to be myself. I'm the best at being myself. And, I'm excited to be myself because I am the happiest whenever I'm being true to myself. I want to relentlessly live to be myself and hope that I find strength in it, too. 

Champion yourself to be yourself.

(Day 72)