Before the weekend arrives,

I want to share a short reflection of my week here (and here) - it's been a good and happy week! Lately, I've noticed feeling happy towards myself for more hours of the day, instead of letting my brain over-thinking, feel uninspired, or just all around be unkind to myself. My hard work at my writing practice is benefiting me in many ways: I'm accomplishing a goal every day, which helps my confidence. My writing is being shared again. Practice is cultivating slow improvements. But, the biggest benefit is that writing is helping me see myself grow as the person I dream to be. It feels magical, and inspired, and I'm just thrilled to have this project every day.

Thank you to each person who is reading and cheering me along. Your encouragement is cherished.

If you're a writer, I can't recommend starting a daily practice enough. All writers recommend it, but, in my own words, I can't imagine you'll ever regret starting.

(Make-up post for Day 100)