I'm enjoying cooking?

For me, cooking dinner is fun when I visualize it as a small project with an edible reward for my efforts. I've never been interested in learning the skills to cook, but tricking my brain like this helps motivate me. 

I'm intrigued that as your personal cooking skills evolve they will allow you to be creative in cooking. My skills are basic, so not much creativity goes into my decisions (except for which veggies to pair with what protein). I don't enjoy pushing my creative culinary limits yet. Instead, I've found comfort in following recipes. 

Recipes allow me to feel confident about the dish I'm preparing, since someone else has already done the test-runs and felt confident enough with their results to share it on the internet. I like to trust their judgement. Plus, I enjoy the act of completing each small task while cooking which leads me to completing the big task of preparing a meal. It allows me to not over-think why I'm doing each step. I simply follow the steps provided and learn why each step matters as I go. Instead of cooking being stressful for me (as I often fear), or having the pressure to be creative in this way, I've found the act of cooking to be very peaceful. 

It feels unlike me to say I'm enjoying cooking occasionally right now, but anything that allows me to not overthink, complete small wins, AND has a food reward seems like very reasonable thing to enjoy.

(Day 79)