Fear is an emotion,

Not a state of being. Just like the emotions happiness or sadness, fear can be felt in an instant. It can last for a second or for several months.

For many creatives, fear pops up nearly everyday. It could be fear from our self-imposed pressure to be successful, a fear of others misunderstanding your intentions, or a fear of making a wrong decision that could affect you later. It could even be a fear of the unknown or of our own capabilities.

While “feel the fear, do it anyway” may sounds like an empowering quote, it is not a beneficial tactic to many fear filled cases. Because fear is personal, only you have the ability to reconcile with it and constructively find your path through it. Avoiding fear by going around it will stunt the opportunity for our courage and problem solving abilities to evolve. Bull-dogging our way through the fear, doing the thing despite our fears, will have the same consequences.

Addressing and embracing fear may be our best option. After all, fear is a fleeting emotion. Once you start to make tiny moves forward, the fear may disappear and turn into your strength.

“Let it be a year free not from fearful things but a year of courage and the strength to lean to into it and breathe deep when it seems to be suffocating. May we all be people that give courage to others; we need courage and grace now more than ever, lest fear win in our hearts and rob us of who we are and all we can be.” — David Duchemin in Let It Be