Good enough.

“You are good enough,” is a message I’ve been repeating to myself for years. I constantly battle my inner perfectionist. My inner perfectionist wants to tell me I can do much better than I am, others do better work, I will never be happy with any amount of success, or I am not good enough to achieve my big goals. But, none of that is true.

A few weeks ago the idea of starting my daily blog had me paralyzed. Even though I was motivated to jump into a project and start sharing my work, I felt like my writing wasn’t strong enough yet to share. I let my insecurity overshadow my excitement. But, once I realized I was only going to improve by doing the work, I was able to stop letting my inner perfectionist bully me into not taking action.

Now that I’ve started, it is getting easier for me to keep going. Instead of worrying about every post being perfect and profound, I focus on doing my work and finishing a post every day. Some posts are better than others, but I know they are all good enough to share.

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” - John Steinbeck

(Day 87)