Getting back into it

Habits can have an ebb and flow.

You can do something consistently, and then suddenly break your streak. It may start by choosing to skip a day. Maybe it is because you had a bad day, its raining, the drive thru window will save on time, or you're just too tired, mentally or physically. Being stuck in a (good) habit-less rut can make you falsely believe that getting back into your good habits will take a lot of work. It feels like you've knocked yourself down and you will have to start building the habit again from the bottom up. But, the fact is you've done this habit before. So, what's stopping you from getting back into it?

It requires one action for you to start on the streak you're proud of again. The streak of your good habit that makes you feel like you're the best version of yourself. After one completed action, it will be easier to make the same choice to continue your good habits again and again.