Heavy heart

After "good morning", the first sentence I heard today was "wait a bit to check Twitter, ok?" B knows my habits just as well as my sensitivity to the world being unkind.

I took his request. I woke up slow, and he made us coffee. I knew he had my heart in mind, but my head couldn't help fear the possibilities of what had happened. I was cautious to start checking social media. I avoided my news apps and Twitter. Towards the middle of my first cup of coffee, I read the first mention of Orlando on Twitter and proceeded to read the evolving information about the attack.

An Instagram post or many words here about the idea of love over hate isn't grand or meaningful enough. Real change doesn't happen because of a hashtag or tweet, even though it raises awareness. Media activism as a means to curing a heavy heart never works for me. Instead, I'll use this feeling to push me to do my best to act kindly and lovingly towards every person I meet. Kindness and love are easily spread by all of us. They are contagious.  

Please do your best by others too. 

(Day 75)