"I'm looking forward to..."

“I’m ready for…”
“I’m waiting for…”
We visualize (and verbalize) a thing in our future we think is better than what’s happening right now. Certain moments or events are unquestionably more significant than others, like holidays, a birthday, or perhaps your next vacation. But, the constant excitement for what’s next could prevent you from enjoying your present.
We use these phrases so often that it would be easy to get onto an endless cycle of constantly looking forward, and never stopping to enjoy the day we're in. Part of what makes holidays, birthdays and vacations special and exciting is their rarity in our calendar year. More days are spent going about out routines, seeing the sights, and having normal day. Those normal days can be enjoyed too.

This isn't to say we can't be excited and looking forward to the weekend on a Friday, but I wish we would enjoy our every day lives more consistently too. 

(Day 42)