Love qualification

Out of my silly fear for seeming naive, I rarely share my writing about the love between B and me. In my mind, I'm afraid readers will have too many opinions and question my certification to write on love. "Too young." "They've only been dating for 2 years." "They're moving too fast." "What does this twenty-something known about love? She's barely lived." Society makes me feel too inexperienced, but I think many qualify their love for a lot less than what I am experiencing. 

The quality of love we share feels like magic. It consistently makes me happy and excited. Even better, I understand our love so well because we communicate constantly. I'm amazed when I notice myself falling deeper in love with him. My heart eyes for him are still growing. I still beam a little too bright for some when I talk about him. I know I'm so lucky for this feeling. I wish my joy for my love wasn't so easily squandered by my fear of what others think. I want to share these thoughts on love too.

Isn't the fact that I'm in love enough to qualify me?

(Day 51)