Love v. The iPhone

I cannot help but feel sad when I see a couple sitting across from the person they love in silence with their eyes on an iPhone screen. They take turns occasionally sipping their morning coffee, but keep one hand tapping the screen. I wonder if they’ll look up to make conversation every few minutes about what they are seeing or learning on their screens? Or, do they exhaust their attention and gain fulfillment, entertainment, or delight from a screen?

It is a waste to let go of these little moments shared over morning coffee.

The screen will always be there developing more.

The one you love is here, in front of you, for a relatively short amount of time. Cherish them if you love them. Make good conversations. Notice their passion for one topic over another. Witness them learning and growing their thoughts. Learn together. Talk about everything. Be silly and laugh together. Become their #1 fan. When you do, the screen won’t stand a chance. A person you love is infinitely more dynamic than an object. For as much as you love them, they have the ability to love you back. Time spent choosing them will enrich you more than ever.

Enjoy the one you love the most.

(Day 41)