"No news is good news."


Too often, I am bothered by having no news or updates when people ask, “what’s new?” It’s as if my reply, “nothing,” means I’m not growing. Being stagnant feels like I’m moving backwards against time, which moves too quickly without notice. I imagine my “nothing” implies I’m not accomplishing mention-able goals, I’m not trying to level up in life with my job, my home, or relationships, or, worse, I’m replying “nothing” instead of sharing bad news. No news makes me fear I’m living too dully, so how does my ‘no news’ translate to something good?

My thoughts could be re-framed in two ways:

  1. I’m making small unmentionable steps to accomplish something big over time. As Ira Glass has suggested, I am working to ‘close the gap’.
  2. If I’m actively making no changes, either I’m settling or I’m content and happy with where I am in life. No edits necessary.

Of course, the second is unlikely because it is human to feel the need to grow. I am left with option 1. This means my unmentionable but good actions should eventually (hopefully) become interesting, good news. I need to find comfort in using my time to diligently focus on doing good work, instead of being bothered by my static appearance. With enough good work, the excitement of my good news will allow me to reply with ease.

“No news” could be used as temporary code for “I’m working on something I’m not ready to present yet, but good news will come soon."

(Make-up for Day 99)