Showing Some Skin - Part 3

(Read part 1 and part 2 of this story.)

Have you been keeping a scar count?!

I proudly show off 11 surgical scars from my waist down. (Only 9 are visible unless I'm wearing my swimsuit!)

Instead of feeling ashamed or thinking they’re ugly, I gladly show them off whenever I can because I feel lucky to have them. Even though these close up photos of my legs aren’t my favorite and this story makes me feel vulnerable, I’m sharing this story anyway because the strength of my titanium gives me confidence. My legs are pale, short, slightly bowed, and in some spots, thick. Sometimes I wish these weren’t facts, but I never wish my scars or my rickets weren't part of who I am. Growing up with a childhood bone disease never stopped me from being an athlete or a wild little kid. Living this story has mentally (and physically) shaped the person I am.

From experience, I know choosing to be strong, kind, and positive towards myself will help me feel more confident. When I make these choices, it’s easier to love myself. When I am kind and loving to myself, being kind and loving to others takes no decision at all.

Though often misquoted, I believe it’s best to, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle”.

My self-love could stay personal, but I like to express it by showing some scars when the weather allows. Either with scars or without, I want to empower you to show off your self-love too.

(Day 63)