Saturday busy-ness

7am - wake up, check the weather, put clothes on, put makeup on, grab crutches, grab my MacBook, hop out the door, ride to Mellow Johnnies, find my barstool in Juan Pelota, wait for my coffee to be carried to me, wait for B to kindly buy me a NYT, sip my coffee, read the paper, meet a stranger named Steve from Australia, enjoy his company in reading the paper, greet another Saturday morning regular Emily and her lion-like dog Bravo, keep reading the paper, get an iced coffee, thank the barista for carrying the iced coffee to the table, watch B ride into the shop, catch up with him for a few, fold my paper and wait for B to take my things to his car, shop for bike shorts and jerseys, decided to try on every kind of bike short they have in my size, get excited about the designs, start trying everything on, get new sizes, model the pieces for B, I'm so excited to be wearing a bike kit, find the right size in the right shorts, choose the all white jersey that is Mellow Johnny's branded because your cool friend Andre says it's "pro", send a proud selfie in my kit to mom and dad, pick up lunch on the drive home, make a new playlist for when I'm spinning, eat and rest, put my kit back on because I'm eager to spin, spin for 25 minutes and smile afterwards because it felt so good, shower quickly, get dressed again, get back in the car for errands, pick up B's old bike from his friend, stop by Nannie Inez and have a nice chat with the owner Deeyn, stop at another bike shop for replacement tires, go back home, rest for a bit longer, watch a few Community episodes, decide if we'll make dinner or not, attempt to win in a scrabble game with B, and hope he makes some homemade popcorn.

Summer Saturday's are fun.

(Day 76)