"You are the sky."

"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather." - Pemma Chodron

About a month ago, I wrote about finding my comfort zone in an effort to get through a little depression I have been dealing with. For the past week, I've notice I'm feeling happier, positive, and being kinder to myself. I've been able to string several good days together, despite being uncertain about a few things.

It could be because of the road-trip B and I took to OKC, or perhaps the long relaxing weekend, but I'd like to believe my daily writing practice is helping me the most. Each morning, when the blog post is live, I instantly feel happier because I've already accomplished my goal for the day. Achieving this goal each day is giving me confidence, because I know that writing is a step forward. Focusing on this project is keeping my mind busy; I'm thinking more about my writing topics rather than shame spiraling or comparing myself to others and their work.

Everything feels better and clearer when I'm writing often, and that makes me happy.

(Day 86)