Making space

A crucial part of essentialism, for me, is making space both physically and mentally. Over many years, I noticed I'm a better me with less excess. 

If I'm feeling physically cluttered, a way I resolve it is by removing everything non-essential to what I am doing. The best way for me to focus and be productive is to remove everything from my work space excluding my Field Notes and pen, if writing by hand, or my Macbook, if I'm typing or editing a draft. It allows me to focus on what is important and meaningful without the risk of distraction. 

The same method works mentally, too. If I'm feeling overwhelmed or notice scattered thoughts, I'm self-aware enough to know I need to remove excess thoughts. Staying away from social media for a few hours (even *an* hour) and away from noise, like music, tv, or podcasts, helps me make the space in my mind to think more clearly. This quiet time helps my mind remove excess thoughts, which could be negative or unnecessary. Journaling, reading, or taking a warm shower are a few ways I give my mind space to rest. Once I've rested and created more mental space, I have the energy to restart and keep going. 

(Day 43)