Stop Overthinking

It seems like a simple task, and sometimes even the first or second try you won’t be able to follow through. Our minds trick us into thinking we’re not ready to start or worse make us think we are not good enough to do the work. But, eventually, we all have to learn how to quiet our inner dialogue and just do the work.

As a perfectionist, I tend to obsess over getting all the details right before making progress on any part of a project. Routinely I strain my energy focusing on the known details but when I get to the point of unknown, I quit. The fear of not having the outcome be exactly how I want it to be from the beginning overwhelms me. The work or project seems nearly impossible. The key to changing this pattern is to stop overthinking it.

Only you can figure out the best way to quiet this fear. Personally I like to listen to my favorite podcast, Back to Work, because it makes me laugh, I learn a lot about productivity and work flow, plus it allows me to focus on their voices and my work and less on the voices in my head. You could also do a quick ten minute meditation to clear your mind, listen to your favorite high energy playlist to get you motivated, or you could take your work to a new location where it may allow you to get out of your comfort zone and think differently. Most importantly, you have to make the decision to ignore all your “what ifs” and just start.

Starting doesn’t mean making another list of what you need to do; this is counterproductive. It means acknowledging you are capable of doing the work, knowing at least a few steps to take to achieve the ideal outcome, and doing actions to help you move closer to completing the work.

You’ll be surprised how easily the work flows when you relax a little and stop overthinking.

(Day 94)