Two years in Texas.

It’s such a funny thing to me.

Never in my life had I imagined myself willingly moving to Texas. I always thought I'd move to New York City, Chicago, or another big city. But, somehow, when I was asked to move to Austin, Texas, there wasn't a doubt in my heart or mind.

Most people don't know that B and I had been dating for two months before he asked me to move with him to Austin. We knew it was quick, but we trusted ourselves enough to know it was what we wanted. Of course, my immediate answer was yes, but I took a few weeks to think it over and talk it out with family and close friends. Two months after he asked, I packed my Jeep full of my things and we moved into our first apartment in Austin.

I had only been to Austin twice before, and this was my first big move in my life. (I lived at home with my parents most of the time during college, since their house was 30 minutes away from UCO). It was thrilling and a little scary. For the first several months, I had to use Goggle maps to voice-guide me and I got a little lonely from time to time. Calling my parents and talking with friends regularly really helped. The rest of the time I was heart-eyed and learning how to live with someone. It seemed too good to be real. It still feels this way.

Learning to live with the one you love is fun and sometimes challenging. Articulating emotions, communicating to the best of our abilities (even when mad), and having patience with each other is key. I'm no expert, but this helps us grow.

Tonight we celebrated with 7-11 slurpees, snapping a few photos with my Lomo' instant camera, and cooking one of our favorite paleo dinners. Nothing fancy, just us.

I feel extremely lucky to get to live and learn with B. I wouldn't go to, or stay in, Texas for anyone else.

(Day 46)