​“What are you doing this weekend?”

I’ve noticed I give a repetitive answer, “nothing, just relaxing”. While the relaxing part is true, I do things on the weekend. We all do. But I often wonder if what I am doing genuinely interests the person asking, so I just answer “nothing” automatically. I shy away from getting real with people, because my real answer seems so different from those asking. If I was to explain the many things I plan on doing, I think I’d lose the asker’s attention on the details of my Friday night.

It’s a strange pleasantry. It feels like many people ask this question but don’t care for the answer. Which begs me to think, why ask? If I were to ask you, I would be interested in having the conversation. I’m so curious to learn more about others because I know every person does something worth mentioning. Maybe this small question could lead to something more interesting than casual day drinking with their friends or binge-watching the new season of whatever.

I repeat, we all do things. What are you doing this weekend?

(Day 70)