Writing helps

Above my desk at home, I have a pink postcard that reads, “ Art is guarantee of sanity.” I picked it up in a local shop a few months ago when my sanity felt uneasy, and art was missing in my life. Now it serves as a nudge for me to write.

This week has been particularly hard for no reason. Daily writing has felt uninspired. My lack of motivation for this project, that I’ve been so empowered by, has made me feel not good enough. Shame takes over when I’m unmotivated, and tries to convince me to quit. It has taken several cycles of these feeling to learn that it is when I feel the lowest my writing is the most important. Even if I have to drag myself to do it, or I think I have nothing to say, when I open my notes and just start making marks I find relief.

On hard days, writing helps me release and work through negative or conflicting thoughts. I write on good days to remember positive, kind thoughts. On bad days, reading my kind thoughts helps pick me up and put me back into my positive head space.

Sometimes these notes help shape a piece I'd like to publish, other times I keep my writing private. Either way, I'm able to express myself and seek growth.

Writing always helps.

(Day 37)